Chapter De Lambton Celebrates Bicentenary

May 23, 2020
Royal Arch

On the 22nd May 2020, members of the Chapter De Lambton acknowledged two hundred years of meeting for the purpose of Royal Arch Masonry. In light of the current situation with COVID-19, and all masonic business remaining suspended, this was a truly unique moment indeed: each member acknowledging the event privately in his own home, and not within the body of the Chapter. It will have been a sober reflection therefore; a moment of quiet introspection to consider the impact the current measures have had on each of us, as much as society at large.

Upon the resumption of masonic business, the bicentenary will be celebrated with the energy it deserves. This will surely inspire each member with renewed hope for a better world, as the Chapter enters its third century. In the words of Her Majesty The Queen, "We will meet again."

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